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Aids PropagandA Response Team (APART)

Feb 15, 2007

This is a recorded phone conversation between investigative journalist Liam Scheff and the medical director of the Incarnation Children's Center, Dr. Katherine Painter, in which Dr. Painter answers questions about the ICC and the experimental drug trials being carried out there on very young children without their parents' consent, what would happen if a child refused to "adhere" to the drugs they were prescribed, and the toxic effects of the ZDV (AZT) and other HIV medications. The sound quality of this recording is not the best, scratchy and distorted at times, but the interview itself is extremely important to hear, from the horse's mouth, the atrocities that were occurring at the ICC in New York City. You can see the (slightly edited) BBC documentary at, along with the transcripts to this interview and comments by Liam Scheff and others involved in the making of the video.