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Aids PropagandA Response Team (APART)

Feb 14, 2007

This is Part 1 of a recorded interview on TurnSpeak featuring Dr. Peter Duesberg, author of "Inventing the AIDS Virus." Duesberg discusses what he calls the "conspiracy of self-interest" that keeps the faulty HIV=AIDS hypothesis alive, why Gallo and others could never admit to making a mistake, the scientific reasons why HIV cannot be the cause of AIDS and AIDS is not a contagious disease, the ridiculous logic used in the Kimberly Bergalis/Dr. Acer case, and what happened with Brian Ellison about the publishing of "Inventing The AIDS Virus." Duesberg also gives a fascinating description about how science in America has become totally centralized and "communistic," and a brief discourse on his current research in finding the cause of cancer. For more information, please go to and