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Aids PropagandA Response Team (APART)

Mar 2, 2007

This is Part 1 of the edited interview on LIB Radio with Keidi Obi Awadu, featuring Stephen Davis, author of Wrongful Death: The AIDS Trial. Stephen and Keidi discuss the reasons why HIV cannot cause AIDS, AIDS in Africa, speculation about why more African-Americans are testing HIV-Positive than any other community in the U.S., the spiritual opportunities being diagnosed HIV-Positive can provide and the fear that is created as a result, and the various scientific studies provivng that HIV cannot be transmitted through heterosexual contact and the law suits that are occurring. To purchase the complete interview and support Living In Black Radio, please go to Davis said, "Of all the radio interviews I've done, these callers were the most educated and committed of all, and Keidi Obi Awadu and LIB deserve all the support we can give them."